How Many Facebook Profiles Have ‘Bohemia’ In Them…?

To be exact, I actually have no idea whatsoever and nor do I think we’ll ever be able to find out, but that isn’t the point of this article.


The previous evening I got a friend request from “Bohemia” for the third time in as many days. That then gave me an thought, how many people are using that name…? So I  chose to tally the quantity of “Bohemia” present in Facebook profile names. So I did a search for Bohemia in people’s category, followed by checking them to see what I could find. Scrolling further and further down and I ended up with a number 99. That didn’t mean that there are only 99 Bohemia’s on Facebook, it just means that’s all the search results that Facebook is prepared to show me.

So now the question emerges, who are they individuals and why do they use the Punjabi rap star’s name on their profile? I feel the answer to this is down to the admiration these ‘boys’ have for the rapper and maybe they feel that if they call themselves by the same name, in some ‘odd’ way , they are closer to him in real life. Strange I know…

Bohemia is hugely popular among Punjabi youth in India and social networks is a decent platform to express their affection for him

Love him or hate him, one thing is clear, his fans are extremely loyal and are not afraid to show their support for their icon. heck, some even cut themselves and carve his name on the arms… Is that a step too far…? We’ll let you decide.