What If Manj Musik Collaborates With Eminem?

Manj Musik has already proved himself in the Bhangra industry with this former team RDB. Delivering hits has always been his thing and there’s no doubt about his reign in Bollywood. Manj Musik started to shift his style towards hip-hop from the day he went solo and pushing the genre to its ultimate heights has been his motive. Raftaar considers him as a mentor in the music business and Sikander Kahlon respects him on a serious note. He has produced several hip-hop hits like ‘Swag Mera Desi‘, ‘Chal Chaliye‘, ‘Stand Up‘, ‘Desi Hip-Hop‘ and others.

Even when he was considered as a Bhangra producer, his idea of bringing famous rap artists from the USA with him on a desi track was way ahead of its time. He has worked with artists like T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and others. Now the question is, what if he comes together on a track with the ‘Rap God‘, Eminem?

No, this is not a question that we wanted to ask. Manj Musik himself asked this question through his Twitter. We believe that answer to this question will not justify the meaning of this question properly but his fans think that this is a hint towards a major collaboration. There’s no word about it but we think that there is a strong possibility of Manj bringing Eminem on a track. It’s because he is a producer, not a rapper and has left his mark both nationally and internationally in the music business.

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