Manj Musik has big plans for Sikander Kahlon


So here it is, Manj Musik made a big announcement yesterday for your very own Sikander Kahlon the new recruit in Manj’s team. He did not revealed any details as such but the poster he shared on Instagram is kickass.

Poster features Sikander Kahlon himself and some of his past release names on it ‘Overtake‘ ‘I Run Mohali’ ‘100 Bars’ & ‘King Shit‘. It does gives us a clue that may be the rapper is working on something new or it could be just to tease the audience. It’s obvious that Manj has big plans for the Mohali based rapper, saying ” my lil bro Sikander Kahlon gonna do big things. If you;re a part of my family, we move up together or we don’t move at all, Period.” Exciting words from the label owner himself.

Manj Musik did release one music video with Sikander titled ‘Chal Chaliye’ which was a popular hit and rapper was supported by the underground as well as mainstream scenes. Take a look at the attached image from Manj’s Instagram which was shared yesterday.