Manisten’s Remix Of J. Cole’s ‘High For Hours’ Is Too Hot To Handle

Manpreet Singh who is also known as Manisten is a Delhi based hip-hop artist. He started writing rhymes back in the year of 2013 but his first track ‘Take Me Away‘ came out later in the mid of 2015. One can easily notice that his style of framing his verse is influenced by some of the most famous artists like Eminem, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Tupac and Kendrick Lamar etc.

He is back with his latest release ‘Wait Kar’ and here’s why it is amazing.

‘Wait Kar’ delivers a strong message to his listeners. He has asked everyone to keep working and to stay motivated at all times. The message is loud and clear that they should not panic under a difficult situation. All it takes is dedication and courage. Everyone can relate to this track, as each and every individual has ups and downs in their life. 

The instrumental that he has used is from J Cole’sHigh For Hours’. The mixing and mastering of the track were done by the man himself. In my conversation with him, he told me that it took only 2 days for him to complete this track and he decided to release it quick as he didn’t want to hold on to this track for so long. Personally, I totally loved this track.

Listen to ‘Wait Kar’ by Manisten here: