Make It Open – MC Snub Ft. Siddharth

Make It Open – MC Snub Ft. Siddharth (Prod. Spence Mills)

make it open


This track is not like other conventional Hip-hop tracks. The theme of the track is perfectly represented by the artwork where the hands are bound which represents the signs of imprisonment because the writer gets the feeling of being trapped due to the limits set by the society which he thinks hold him back and the birds represents the signs of liberation where the writer wants no limits,no boundaries and just want to be infinite. The song is all about this. Mc Snub tries to put out his feelings in both the verses with Siddharth making an effort with his notes to make it sound more melodic and tuneful. The artwork is beautifully done by Rikesh which represents the exact feelings of the song.

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Song Name : Make It Open
Performed by : Mc Snub and Siddharth Chauhan
Lyrics : Mc Snub
Produced by : Spence Mills
Artwork done by : Rikesh Makwana
Mixed and Mastered by : Ayush Paul (AAA Studio’s)


Take 2 steps forward and 1 step back/
in this never ending cycle with a constant path/
an eva changing route,but a constant path/
its like something chokig me,my tonsils grabbed/
It’s infinitely hollow,no end to the top/
no end to the bottom,no beginning to start/
nio religion to follow,but am within this path/
I dont know where am lost,am trying to escape this gape but i wont end it/
its like being centre of the circles that are infinitely concentric/
yes,am trapped and no actions,so o consequences/
no sleep,no hunger,no patience and even escape is transcendant/
I’am running into what am escaping from coming back and forth recursively/
like an unsorted loop of web is around me,am caught so bad and i hate it all,even attractions are repusling me/
like i’ve been kept in the vacuum,
no hope of escaping until i losen this knot/
it’s hard to walk but am the one who has chosen this path/
a lotta struggle,lotta pain and lotta bruise and these scars but if i make my mind,yes i can losen this knot/

And if i do that,circles open and my purpose spoken,i can fly with my wings out like birds
chirping vocals and this cycle will come to an end,if i keep my focus,
to defeat the gravity and all limits that hold us/
to open eyes,raise the heads and seperate the hands that folded,to write our own destination and to make it golden/
to stand naked bold and/
rise above the statement spoken/
and to do it by our own will and to take this moment/
to put up everything we have in wat we love and clearly hoping/
we can do it with no loss and all the entertainment joking/
with no hate and grudges,wait and watch how every path,we make it open

wish i had another chance,another option left in life
no energy,aint no life, (x2)
day to day i was burning,burning my,burning my soul
I neva wanted to walk in my shoes,removed it & walked bare feet/
now my ankles hurt due to stones in my path with the time i wasted/
now i wanted my shoes back that i used once them/
i looked back where i left’em but my shoes werent there/
and then i saw these colleges & made this one puppet move/
all of the people were trying to fit their feet in one fucking shoe/
all of’em were aspiring engineers and doctors/
even i tried my feet in it as the only left option/
even i tried my feet as it overly seemed/
i wondered how one shoe could fit in so many feet/
nope,i soul serached,saw my shoes again and tried to conquer it/
but dan now my feet were too damn small for it/
and now i wanted my shoes back that i used once them/
i looked back where i left’em but my shoes werent there/
and now progress is difficult but I’m awefully proud/
they say if I keep my feet in different boats i’ll probably drown.