Major Deal : Get Signed Or Die Trying


Major Deal is a must watch for all struggling rappers hoping to get signed. With Keraun in the lead role this film released in 2016 and it is the first feature film from Russell Simmons’s All Deaf Digital. The Imdb rating of this movie is 5.8 but I felt it deserved more, the way this movie connects to the struggling artists is really amazing. The comedy take on this film is fantastic with a good soundtrack this flick is a delight to watch.

Major Deal

Synopsis –

The movie revolves around Mike Massacre a struggling artist who raps about guns and drugs basically the life he isn’t about. Mike has a beautiful daughter and a cranky baby mama. He has to write checks as alimony and he fails to do so as he got fired from his job. So Mike makes a promise to his ex-wife that before his birthday that if he doesn’t get signed he will get a regular ‘ass’ job. He tries his hand at battle rap where he gets bodied in a very funny way as a white nerdy looking rapper kills him. His producer has been with him since the start and Mike has a major crush on his sister. So she helps him find his sound and make tracks that actually makes sense.


Does Mike Massacre gets a major deal or does he dies trying…? Watch the whole flick to find out. Traditionally you could by the movie or you could watch it online in a third party site.
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