Mad-Z And Saurabh Acharya’s ‘Shabdachaari ‘ Will Talk About The Discipline In Lyricism!

Saurabh Acharya holds no alias in the game but his reputation is undisputed. As a matter of fact, Saurabh’s music has earned him some decent goodwill in the industry. A rapper who likes to stay composed is very rare these days but Saurabh is an exception. Saurabh has worked with JC Sona, Marshall, Puneet Kohli, Raftaar and several other known names. His biggest release so far is undoubtedly the remix of “Chill”. Mad-Z, on the other hand, is his associate. JC Sona’s “Intro” witnessed a dope verse by Mad-Z.

In the same contrast, they’re ready to drop “Shabdachaari” on June 21, 2017. is exclusively releasing this one of kind music to push their music. “Shabdachaari” literates to a person who holds the skills and manners of using words. As a matter of fact, Saurabh is known for using some insane words from Hindi vocabulary in his verses. So, you can guess what we are talking about. We released the teaser yesterday exclusively on our Facebook page to boost the anticipation. When I asked Saurabh about the idea and importance of this track, he suggested:

“In present hip hop scenario in India, the artists are totally promoting western and American hip hop culture. India itself has a diverse range of music of its own and a rich heritage. We fused our genre with Indian music to give something original and new. Social problems are barely highlighted today and there were people requesting us for something on social issues, so ‘Shabdachaari’ is here.”

Varun has produced this instrumental for “Shabdaachaari” by using Indian/South-Asian elements. Basically, “Shabdachaari” is a fusion of hip-hop and traditional Indian sounds. Aashish K. Verma has directed the video while it was edited by Ekant Verma.

Watch the teaser of “Shabdachaari” here: