Macklemore Wishes His Indian Fans A Happy Republic Day

Ben Haggerty better known by his stage name ‘Macklemore‘ is undoubtedly one o fthe biggest hip hop starts to emerge in recent years.. After making music for over a decade, things finally took off for him in 2013 after the track he and Ryan Lewis released,  “Thrift Shop” and it became a viral hit, Quickly reaching the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and all this without a major record label.

He is loved by millions of people for his genuine and meaningful lyrics. His popularity is not only limited to America but also other parts of the world where western hip hop genre may not be as popular. India is such a country where the popularity of western hip-hop is less as compared to other countries, but, regardless of thatfact, Macklemore’s popularity in India is huge.

Today, when India is celebrating its 68th Republic Day, Macklemore also contributed to the celebrations by posting a picture on his social media account in which his name was written with the Indian tri color, with a caption which says “India have a very Happy Republic Day see you soon at Vh1 Supersonic Pune”. This gesture came prior to his most awaited Vh1 Supersonic concert scheduled for 10th-12th February 2017 in Pune, India.

This was not only the first time when he showed his love for India, but also during his last visit to Varanasi in 2014 he was so fascinated by the streets of the city that he posted a picture of a bull on the streets. 


DHH for one is super hyped and will definitely be going Supersonic come February!