M.ZHE And The Ray Ended 2016 With Two Inter-related Tracks


Muzammil Wahid who is also known as M.Zhe & Yousaf Amin Malik who is popular as The Ray are a part of Gawky Records which is their independent label. These two artists are based in the capital city of Saudi Arabia which is Riyadh. M.Zhe has a reputation of doing multi-tasking which includes spitting verses, filming and editing of videos, arranging cyphers in a city where doing music is almost illegal. The Ray, on the other hand, is a songwriter & a recording artist.

They have worked with several artists underground artists and have been appreciated by names like Gitta Bains, Imran Khan and others. But this time, they decided to do something completely different from everyone else to celebrate the end of 2016 by dropping two different yet interrelated tracks to create a story line.

Pehli Vaar
The first track that they decided to put out on December 22, 2016 was ‘Pehli Vaar‘. It’s a story of how both of them fell in love with the ladies of their respective lives. It’s a Hip-Hop track which is on the romantic side of life and has no negativity in it.

M.Zhe and The Ray wrote their verses individually and managed to stay on point throughout the track. M.Zhe spat bars like ‘Teri tasveer mere khayalon mein samai hai/ Mere khoon se zyada meri qalam mein gehrai hai” while The Ray spat a few lines like “Tere naal meri Jannat jaan di khwaish hai/ Dil na tu todi meri ikko bas guzarish hai”. Sound Shikari produced this instrumental for them and later mixed and mastered their verses at his Sound Laboratory. The way Sound Shikari has used Choirs in it is just astonishing. It’s their first collaboration and they all have managed to provide a beautiful piece of work.

The next track that came out before the end of the last year was ‘Akhri Vaar‘.


‘Akhri Vaar’ was the second part of the story. It’s about the heartbreak that their love gave them and vanished away with time. But what remained are the scars that their love left on their soul. This track was not planned or written in a contrast to the story that ‘Pehli Vaar’ is about. The Ray’s bars like “Jalda main din raat vich teri hi udeek/Pyar tu mera, Main mangda ni bheek” and M.Zhe’s bars like “Meri hi qalam ne banaya tujhe apsara, Guzra kal, Tu aane wale kal ka tapsra” are worth noticing. This track was finalized two or three months ago but perfectly found it’s spot as the second part of the story later. And, that’s creativity right there.

Sankalp Chaturvedi who is widely known as San Cha produced this beat for himself and wanted The Ray on it with him. But after a few thoughts, the track landed in the hands of M.Zhe and he did it brilliantly. San Cha has produced this beat by using samples of Falak Shabir‘s famous track ‘Tere Pyar Mein Jal Raha Hoon and decided to keep the sound of the track on soft end by adding kick drums in a manner that it sounds like heartbeats. San Cha has mixed and mastered this project as well. It’s not the first time they all have collaborated. They share a bond like of a team and work with each other whenever it’s needed.

Both of these videos were shot by M.Zhe and he’s the guy behind the edits. Check these tracks out and let us know which one you like better.

Watch ‘Pehli Vaar’ by M.Zhe and The Ray here : 

Watch ‘Akhri Vaar’ by M.Zhe and The Ray here :