A Look Inside Hindu College’s Hip Hop Showcase: Seedhe Maut, Yungsta And More!


Delhi’s Hindu College witnessed a swarm of talented rappers setting the Mecca fest stage on fire. Rap duo Seedhe Maut, Yungsta, ARaw and beatboxer D-Cypher were among the few artists who rocked the stage. ATKT.in organised the Talent Tent, under which college going artists had a platform to showcase their skills.

seedhe maut yungsta ARaw mecca

As we informed you earlier, this was a first of its kind hip hop showcase held in Delhi by ATKT.in. After building much hype about the performances we now have the fresh scoop of photos and live videos for you. As expected the talent tent turned out to be a huge success as the audience was left wanting for more.

seedhe maut yungsta ARaw mecca

Rap duo Seedhe Maut took the stage and performed some of their hit tracks including the crew’s anthem. Yungsta was right behind them hyping the crowd as they crooned their hits. Later Yungsta and ARaw rocked the crowd with their English tracks, leaving them wanting for more. Ishan Nangia, Tanmay Rajput, Jatin Pant and Subhashish Spark were some of the other performers at the Mecca fest.

seedhe maut yungsta ARaw mecca

ATKT.in had flown beatboxer D-Cypher all the way from Mumbai especially to host this hip hop showcase. The talented artist proved why it was totally worth the journey with his stupendous performance. We’re sure he has garnered a lot of fans in Delhi with this show!

Here’s a look at one of the live videos posted by ATKT.in during the performances:

Whether or not you like rap and hip-hop, the Talent Tent with Seedhe Maut is where you need to be!

Posted by ATKT.in on Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hip-Hop wave is hitting our country, are you feeling the heat yet?