Lit Friday Night! Seedhe Maut Kills It With Munky Rhymz At Khar Social

Friday nights are now lit with hip hop in the club. Delhi rap duo Seedhe Maut headlined yesterday’s gig at Khar Socials in Mumbai. Joining them as a guest act were Bombay veterans Munky Rhymz with DJ Mojojojo on the deck.

Seedhe Maut Encore ABJ MC Calm

Much like every other gig in town the venue was buzzing with people from 9 PM onward. It seemed as if the whole Bombay underground scene had gathered to see these rappers perform.

While Divine, Raja Kumari and Naezy were setting the Raasta stage on fire next door, our underdogs went in hard too. Seedhe Maut opened the event with their sick title anthem produced by Sez. As the beat dropped the whole crowd was hit by a fit of hip-hop fever.

What continued next was more music and more vibes! After hyping the crowd with their skills, Seedhe Maut paved way for the guest act of the night. Bombay veterans D’Evil and Enkore raised the roof with their sick performances!

Enkore D'Evil Munky Rhymz

While D’Evil performed his hit track ‘Kadki’ for the audience, Enkore brought the melody with ‘Million Dollar Smile’. Both the emcees also performed their collaboration track ‘Soch Hai Ya Sach’.

MC Calm and Encore A.B.J. reclaimed the mic right after the guest act and performed some of their unreleased upcoming tracks. Which was a treat to the ears the least to say! The duo certainly has an infectious energy in their act that passes on to the audience.

DJ Mojojojo┬áhyped the entire event, giving the audience a gist of what hip hop’s future looks like. Post all the performances the dance floor was open to all to set fire on! All in all, it was a great gig to be at.

DJ mojojojo Khar Social

Right now is hip-hop, if you don’t go out and support your local artists, who will? Let’s hear it one time for┬áthese artists!