Why You Should Listen To San Cha & Shabd’s ‘100 Rack$’


After a gap of one month, Sankalp Chaturvedi professionally known as San Cha is up with a brand new collaboration ‘100 Rack$’ which is produced by Stunnah & Sez. San Cha has collaborated with an upcoming hip-hop artist Shabd and trust me he is dope when it comes to freestyling and rapping. San Cha surprised his fans by announcing this track 0n 31 March and in the evening he released ‘100 Rack$’ on his youtube channel. This is for the first time, San Cha has done this and the fact that he usually takes a longer time to finalise things on his tracks. Apart from ‘100 Rack$’, San Cha has released three tracks this year. One with Sound Shikari ‘I’m The God’, then he collaborated with Shabd and The R-Hit in a track ‘Not To Be Fuck’d With’ which was re-created by Aman D and the last one is on Lord Shiva.

On the other hand, Shubham Goswami professionally known as Shabd is a Delhi-based hip-hop artist who started his career in the year 2014 and recorded his track in the very same year and he got pretty much love from the people as well. He wanted to gain some more knowledge about the hip-hop culture and took some time to polish his art. In the year 2015, he released his second track Heeriye which was written, produced and mix-mastered by him. He is also working on his mixtape that is going to drop in 2017.

He also submitted his freestyle video on desi hip-hop’s ‘Freestyle Fridays’ which was loved by most of the people. Shabd is very quick in rhyming words and he can do freestyle at any place at any time. Shabd is one of the emerging desi hip-hop artists in the scene right now. Everyone loves his freestyles.

San Cha and Shabd talks about their hustle and the problems in ‘100 Rack$’ they faced during their journey. ‘100 Rack$’ is all about the passion they have and they don’t want to stop their hustle here. They have worked day and night just to achieve something in their career and believe me both of them has pulled out this track very well. The track starts with a hook “100 ni racks, Meri 100 hai baat kyuki main laajaawab/Baat karun seedhi phir bhi, na jaane kyun lage hai sab ko kharab.” After that San Cha started his verse with a complex flow and some dope rhymes like “Main tab tha na weak, mujhe koi bhi na jaanta tha, Parwah jo kare aaj, Kal unka mere paas aisa wala sath na tha/ Aaj kia maine khaatma sa unka main zindagi mein aage, Meri ex kare text kahe baat kyun na maane meri tu, Kyu badla tu hona pada door”. Shabd comes second and matches up with San Cha and he goes like “Rukne ka naam nahi break the fail, Katal kare maine par dusra hi ghar tha mera jail/ Rail sabki banadi aaj,khauf khayein log aas paas/ Ek flow na koi saans, Bilkul alag cheez kyuki main hun khaas”.

I totally enjoyed this track and I hope you guys will love too.

Check Out ‘100 Rack$’ By San Cha and Shabd Here: