Lil Jon & Supa Fly Gave A Night To Remember

On 20th May, Delhi witnessed a spectacle. Kitty Su hosted Lil Jon and boy oh boy was it Lit. The venue is known for inviting some of the best international acts, they have previously invited DJ Premier.

Lil Jon-DJ Karma-Supa Fly Image

New Delhi O.G. DJ Karma has been hosting ‘Supa Fly’ events on Sundays at the same venue on a weekly basis and it has become quite the event since. It was only serendipitous that Lil Jon and Supa Fly come together and once they came together they left behind a crowd only begging for more. The Supa Fly squad consisted of DJ Karma, DJ CJ and DJ Harry Hop and they invited’s and one-half of 2-ShadeZ very own ‘Slyck TwoshadeZ‘ to perform a few tracks. The entire Supa Fly squad got the crowd hyped up and got them perfectly prepared for Lil Jon.

Lil Jon shouted in trademark fashion, “are Y’all ready to party or what ?” and the crowd went bonkers. He converted his set into a party and was drenching the folks near to the console in champagne. He had arranged plenty of shots for folks and circulated them for the crowd when he played hit track, ‘Shots’

It was quite the night and it will be remembered for quite some time. If you are in Delhi be sure to attend a Supa Fly event on Sunday and get a flavour of authentic Hip Hop.

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