Lil Golu Calls 10th November ‘Lil Golu Day’


So apparently last week was the first time ever in DesiHipHop History that an artist came out with 5 music videos in one day. This artist was Lil Golu and it was his Birthday on the 10th of November. Well that is quite an extravagant celebration. He dropped his album alongside the videos and was not afraid to call this day ‘Lil Golu Day’.


He released the first video which was ‘Party Mere Ghar Pe’ in the morning. He warmed up the afternoon with ‘Suit Armani’ and ‘Dil Lagda Ni Mera’. For Dinner he served ‘Nilliyan Nashiliyaan’ and ‘Son Set’. He featured Dr.Love on ‘Party Mere Ghar Pe’ and ‘Son Set’, Lakwinder singh on ‘Dil Lagda Ni Mera’ and Lopamudra Lahiri on ‘Suit Armani’.

All the 5 tracks have different topics but have the same electronic skeleton and pop synths. The topics also are different but are no different from already existing subjects in the northern commercial mainstream, which mainly and majorly is Punjabi music. The autotune vocals sound good in some parts but sounds overdone at a few parts too. The hook on ‘Suit Armani’ and ‘Son Set’ sound catchy and seem to be a favourite among the five drops. The lyricism is obviously targeting the Bollywood lovers and is the usual flamboyant and materialistic content.

Social media reviews of the music have been mixed. A lot of people love this sound and are calling this a game changer whereas some of the truer hip-hop heads are calling it a joke. The reviews are extreme and no one has dropped anything neutral about it. Dr.Love has also received similar reviews for his work.

I personally think if you take the videos into the account then the entire concept of dropping five tracks on one day makes much more sense. The videos are all next level and shot in exotic locations. There is no shortage of gorgeous women pulling and teasing Lil Golu and, come on you know it is not dope if it does not have fancy cars in it. All videos are next level and have been shot brilliantly. The videos took the tracks to a whole new level and made them presentable to the audiences.

Watch all 5 music videos below –