Lazarus and KXNG Crooked drop visuals for, ‘Fearless’


The US elections are around the corner and you know that Lazarus will be dropping his opinion and representing our community. He dropped Fearless alongside the West Coast OG and one-quarter of the super group ‘SlaughterhouseKXNG Crooked just a few weeks ago.


They just dropped the video for the track, ‘Fearless‘ and it seems as if it was decisively planned to be dropped around the election season. Trump who is now a household name not only in the US but almost everywhere around the world due to his bizarre speeches and idiotic statements is also known to be one of the most ignorant human beings of all time, with no respect for minority groups and other races he is now the center of jokes and hatred by the minority groups.

The track revolves around being fearless and brave enough to speak your mind nakedly. Both Lazarus and Crooked can be seen in the video motivating people via speeches in front of a podium. Laz and Crooked are no strangers to racism and say blatantly that they do not regret what they say, quite literally.

Lazarus told the following exclusively to DesiHipHop :

Crooked and I came up with ‘Fearless” as an ode to using Hip-Hop as a vehicle to uplift people. It’s paying homage to classics like “Fight The Power” but for our modern times. It’s dedicated to all those minorities who are oppressed today. Hip-Hop is a powerful tool and this is one way of using it.