Lazarus Kills It In His Latest Collaboration, ‘Infinity Gems’.


Lazarus just recently hopped on an all-star collaboration, ‘Infinity Gems’ and nailed it. It features R-Mean, Tragedy Khadafi, Radamiz, Rebel, A-F-R-O and Chris Rivers. It had been a long time that I had come across a posse cut, this good !

I am not very sure but the title seems to be a reference from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every rapper on the track goes in hard and makes a distinct impact. It is impossible to ignore Chris Rivers as his first few bars are propitious. I have always been a fan of his delivery and this time was too good, even for himself. The saying, ‘you save the best for last’ could not be more accurate for this track. Laz cleverly uses several medical references in his bars and fits in more syllables in four bars than an entire Lil Wayne mixtape. I cannot help but feel maybe he should have had a longer verse. This posse cut is hot and should not be slept on.

Check out the track right here: