Lazarus Drops Something Special For Pakistan On ‘Pakistan Day, 2017’.


Y’all know who Lazarus is. Just in case you don’t, Lazarus is an American rapper of Pakistani descent. He dropped the biggest collaboration at the start of the year, ‘MTBK’ along with Bohemia and has not looked back ever since. Well, he is back with, ‘Pakistan‘ and it has him rapping in Urdu. He did this as his contribution to Pakistan and Desi hip-hop and the purpose of it was to thank his ever growing desi following, and that he has not forgotten where he comes from and maintains the pride for his history and lineage.


I first heard Lazarus spit in Urdu in,’Drug of Choice‘. It was very different to me and comparing that with what he was rapping in English at that time I was not very certain if I liked it. However, his verse in ‘Pakistan’ is dope. There is a marked change in the fluency, it seems more natural in this release. The instrumental is by Ghauri and the elements that he has used set up a perfect ambience for the message. It seems that Lazarus sincerely wanted to do something for Pakistan on Pakistan Day this year, it is clear that this verse is for the country of his roots and bloodline.

This is what Lazarus told me about this release:

“I wanted to put out a verse that pays respect to the country of my roots. I recently travelled to Pakistan and witnessed the beauty of it along with the wonderful reception that fans gave me. I wanted to give them back something special by painting the picture of what I feel gives the country its pride and honour. And, I didn’t want to do this in English, I wanted to go for the challenge of rapping this one in Urdu. I’m heavily inspired by the poetry of the great Allama Iqbal and I felt it was time for me to pay my homage”.

This release is a perfect example of our primary belief which is, ‘Unity through Hip-Hop’. We have always believed that hip-hop does not recognise borders and should be used as a tool to foster unity among masses. We at would like to wish all of our Pakistani brothers a very happy Pakistan Day.