Lazarus Drops ‘Awaaz’ (Audio)


Lazarus drops another track called, ‘Awaaz’ and he fearlessly continues to voice his opinion on current issues around the world. He has previously dropped bars about Trump alongside the living legend, ‘KXNG Crooked’.

Trump is running the US as if it’s a circus and his policies against immigrants are absolutely ridiculous. It is such policies which fuelled Lazarus to come back and drop ‘Awaaz’. In this track, he raps about eliminating the root cause of our problems which according to him, is the voice of the oppressor.

Lazarus who usually raps in English this time mixed it up with Hindi/Urdu and I’m guessing he did so in order to connect with the desi masses around the world. He has sampled vocals of the legendary Mohammed Rafi on the hook and it sounds brilliant. The dope production is a courtesy of ‘Rebel Of Khan Artists’.

The following is what Lazarus told, “I made this song to stand up against oppression that millions are facing around the world today. But also to reflect on what drives us towards division in the first place, seeking out the root of our problem. And this begins with our upbringing in society. That’s what I wanted to speak on.”

Check out the track right here: