“Lahori Underdogs” Is All About Punchlines!


Lahori Underdogs” came out last week and it is one of the hottest drops in Pakistan’s underground scene these days. The track features Aqeel Sarfaraz, Traitor and Raamis. Aqeel recently dropped “Pardhaan Ko Ch*d Do” as a reply to Pardhaan’s subliminal shots on Pakistan’s army. Raamis is known for battling out Rap Demon in “They-See Battle League“. Traitor, on the other hand, is known for spitting brutal lines with a soft vocal texture.

Since they’re members of Gawky Records, this track out from the same label. All of these three rappers rode the instrumental produced by JairTheShadow. Usman Ghauri aka BCL Blade mixed and mastered the audio. Gawky Records’ head – M.ZHE, edited the video for this track.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Roz-roz rap game ka tu rape kar,
Hum smoke kar rahe rappers, tu ghar baith ke vap. kar,
Main chaalon pe chaal khelun, wo bhi main dekh kar,
Hum live kar rahe sessions, tu mix apni tape kar”

The video of “Lahori Underdogs” features cameo from several other artists. Artists like Puneet Kohli, Xpolymer Dar, Osama Com Laude, The KJi, Zenix, M.ZHE, The Ray, Thugzy, Inder Preet, Hashim Nawaz and myself are there in the video.

Watch “Lahori Underdogs” by Aqeel Sarfaraz, Traitor and Raamis here: