KXNG Crooked drops ‘Welcome to Planet X’ featuring Eminem

I live in a world that’s different than your world. Your world still believes in things like free speech and democracy. Those things don’t exist in my world anymore.


Eminem says the above as the intro of the track ‘Welcome to Planet X’. This is the first release from 1/4th of the Hip-Hop super-group Slaughterhouse, KXNG Crooked’s album ‘Good Vs Evil’. KXNG Crooked is regarded as one West-Coasts best lyricist and ‘Welcome to Planet X’ will cement him in that list. He comes in with heavy bars and takes on socially relevant issues such as exploitation of the middle class, the struggles of the people below poverty line, police brutality and also calls out crooked ministers on the track.

It used to be parks
It used to be jungle gyms
Now they’re just stories passed down orally from my great-grandmother Nem
It used to be public pools
Kids loved to swim till the summer’s end
Now it’s enough poison in the water to slaughter your son and daughter
and you can’t blame the government

Eminems’ narration at the start provides the right direction to the listener and prepares him for the issues which KXNG Crooked tackles on the track and also his stamp as a featuring artist also attracts the ‘Stan’ traffic towards the track.

I cannot wait for the album, ‘Good Vs Evil’ till then check this out.