Krtk Muzk is back !!!!


For the past week the entire New Delhi underground scene has been buzzing with various releases and it would be incomplete without Krtk Muzk (formely known as Keepsake) joining the party. Krtk is known to be a very down to Earth and humble but do not let that distract you from the kind of versatility he is can bring to the table.


One of New Delhi’s most promising acts did not come alone to the party this time and got Siri and DonnyJ. In my interactions with Krtk, I have noticed that he always thinks outside the box in terms of content. He has always found the theme of being a functional loner very appealing and after you listen to him rap about it you really do not have a lot of scope to argue with it.

Krtk also produced the track and the production is spot on. The synths are unique and progressive supported by a new school drum kit. Siri opens up the track with a dope verse and drops some pretty good bars about staying in solitude herself. Everything is great about the verse but maybe a better delivery would help it surpass my expectation but then it is just my expectation and not everyone else’s. This is for the first time I came across DonnyJ and he made a fairly decent mark, there are not many dudes from the capital who can sing in such western stylings.

This is what Krtk told me about his release in a nutshell :

So it was like I heard ‘Anybody’ and asked Siri if she would like to collaborate. She agreed and I started to make a beat but then I was not satisfied with it and kept on changing it. After 2 or 3 beats we had the song but we needed a hook. So I asked my friend DonnyJ. He liked the track and agreed. So we made the whole track. The basic Idea behind the track is We vs. The World. Like how I don’t like to do certain stuff but if I tell it to anyone they won’t care cause it’s not worth gossiping. It’s just plain truth and it’s about how a person can be his or her friend and how living in solitude can be a good habit if you decide to change certain things about yourself and keep on going on.