KRSNA releases ‘Desi Wrap Up 2016’


New Delhi-based rapper KRSNA released his latest music video titled ‘DESI WRAP UP 2016′. The Rap song recaps the entire year’s news in a three and a half minute song while also giving voice to the general feeling of dejection people have felt in 2016. ‘DESI WRAP UP 2016’ touches upon important issues that grabbed headlines such as the conflict in the Middle East, Donald Trump’s win alongside the rise of hate politics, Demonetisation and Cross-Border Terrorism. The song, however, has some humorous elements too and doesn’t shy away from taking names.

“‘Desi Wrap Up’ a rap song recapping all major news of the year 2016”


Talking about the inspiration behind the song KRSNA said, “2016 wasn’t a great year by any standard and the concept of a WRAP UP which is a round-up of the year just made sense. We have all felt let down by the events that took place in 2016 and I wanted to put it all in perspective and talk about the important issues but in a way that had not been done before in India. I plan to do this annually and hope 2017 throws up better news” In a growing Indian hip hop industry often centred around flashy cars, women and money, Desi Wrap Up 2016 is a breath of fresh air which talks about pressing issues in an increasingly unstable world.

DESI WRAP UP 2016‘ has been released exclusively through Right Now Entertainment, India’s first purely hip hop music label in which KRSNA is a founding partner.