KRSNA invites you all to ‘Right Now Entertainment’

Like every hip-hop scene, there are generations of artists which leave their mark and make way for a newer pool to come in and cater a fresher sound. If you have been following the Desi Hip Hop scene in India, it is following very similar lines. Being from probably one of the initial school of emcees in India I see a lot my peers not just making way for the newer emcees but also trying to set up establishments which help the newcomers in their pursuit of the craft.


KRSNA has spearheaded the scene in India for quite some time and has dropped a few tracks such as, ‘Kaisa Mera Desh‘ which have gone on to gain an anthem like status. We have not heard from him in a minute only because he shares a broader vision for the culture and was setting up something to promote the Desi Hip-Hop scene. He has been putting in efforts to start up his own independent label, Right Now Entertainment.

Right Now Entertainment (RNE) is an independent Hip Hop music label with an aim to provide a distribution & promotion platform for aspiring hip-hop artists in the indie space in India and South Asia. RNE is focused on giving artists 360 Degree exposure through Marketing and Artist Management resources as well as a network of event managers, music distributors, online promotion partners, PR agencies and music producers.

KRSNA aka Krishna Kaul who will also be heading operations for RNE says “The hip hop scene in India is finally growing and people are opening up to it. Making a living as a rapper 5 years ago would have seemed impossible but today we actually see it as a viable option and that says a lot about the progress the genre has made in India. Right Now Entertainment is committed to building the scene and helping young artists get their music out there. Along with financial support to produce and distribute music/music videos, we also provide mentorship to artists who need guidance in the early stages of their music career.”

Right Now Entertainment will look to sign new artists beginning first quarter 2017, however they will be releasing new music October 2016 onwards produced by KR$NA and Manj Saini who are already on the roster.