KRSNA is back and still ‘Keeps it real’


New Delhi’s KRSNA just dropped, ‘Keep It Real‘ and it is a straight up banger. Although the track is roughly 2 years old but still sounds fresh, may be KRSNA was able to look ahead of his time.


KRSNA is making some power moves, around a week ago we got to know that KRSNA is trying to build his own independent label, ‘Right Now Entertainment” and ‘Keep it Real’ is the first official release from the Label. KRSNA might have been busy in setting up his own label but do not think that affected his creative skills, the dude is still one of the sickest lyricists and has probably one of the meanest flows from the capital. From production to content everything is spot on. In a scene where almost every new comer follows the philosophy of fake it till you make it KRSNA is able to put down bars after he has already made it.

The track comes with a sick video and has a very edgy feel to it. You can spot him dabbing in some parts of the video and can even spot his entourage chilling behind him in 2nd verse.


KRSNA had the following to be said about the track :

Keep It Real was originally released 2 years ago but I wanted to give it the visual treatment since we got good feedback for it. We want to push it out as I feel it describes what I am trying to do musically – bring it back to flow and lyrics. This is just the first track in the line up. More fire is coming.

Check out the official video for, ‘Keep it real’ right here :