KR$NA’s ‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai’ Is Lethal For Fake Rappers!

Tere Buss Ki Na Hai-KR$NA-hip hop songs Image

Gurugram’s very own KR$NA drops, ‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai‘. Just like his previous hip hop songs, ‘Dekh Kaun Aaya Wapis‘, this is also an AK Projekts’ presentation which is powered by One Digital Entertainment.

‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai’ is a very popular Delhi slang which literally translates to, “You are not capable enough”. KR$NA rapper is calling out wack rappers while cementing his position because of his credentials. This dude has got to be one of the most versatile artists present right now. From his alphabetical slaughter in ‘Vyanjan‘ to chopping it up with Kid Shot in ‘Meri Baari,‘ he has done it all. ‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai’ has a very bold new-school flavor without compromising on the lyrics which is a rare case.

The track comes with a dope video which is the product of Canfuse‘s hardwork. #TBKNH has crossed more than 15,000 views and is still being shared by listeners. Mainstream giants such as Raftaar and Manj Music have also shared the track and shown appreciation. KR$NA rapper has released a number of Hip Hop songs in the past as is a well known face in the desi hip hop scene

This is what KR$NA rapper told exclusively:

“‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai’ is just a term we use often, especially living in Delhi, I thought why not make that into a song concept. I think it turned out good. This is a lead up to other songs I’m working on, I’m just warming up”

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Nayee Delhi represent from my end,
R.O flow yani style mera Kent”

Watch ‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai’ by KR$NA here: