#KodeReview – Yungsta – Rehearsal Outro


Yungsta’s ‘Rehearsal‘ mixtape was a much awaited release and it did not disappoint. Each track coated with reality was a piece of Yungsta’s struggle we could connect or relate to. Out of the whole dope mixtape one soulful track deemed inspiration and smooth stood out. This is poetry in motion and Yungsta’s soul in the whole project.

#Kode Review - Rehersal Outro

The audio it self is a treat definitely with flow being on point and lines soulful this is all the people want in a smooth conscious track. The rhyme schemes used were exceptional. Coming to the video, a project Shot By Inflict is always going to be dope there is no doubt. Inflict is one of the rarest person who doesn’t strive for perfection but gets perfection. The video complements the track beautifully , yin to the yang.

Here is Yungsta’s take on the whole project.

On how the project came into being – 

“I started off writing this as a little experimenting apart from rap. This was supposed to be a poem. So halfway through writing this I heard the beat to it and I thought to extend the entire thing as a little poetic piece for the listeners. While writing this I had a mindset of after REHEARSAL so that’s how the entire thing came up. The Video is a humble effort showing how things have changed but I’m still the same.”

Yungsta’s Dedication for the whole project – 

This is actually dedicated to everyone who can feel and relate to this. It can be appealing to a lot but those who connect to it know what I’m talking about here so it is dedicated to them.

What Yungsta Has Got In Store For Us – 

If everything is right by God’s grace I’ll be releasing a lot of projects. A few solos,a few dope collabs with people’s favorite artists all back to back. Lot in store!

This is an artist putting his soul in his art. Definitely a must hear

Watch the video here:

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