#KodeReview – Yungsta – Ready | Prod. By Syndrome

Yungsta formerly known as Youngsta Ash has been a heavyweight in the Delhi Underground Scene for quite a while now. This project is more than a statement for Yungsta; it is a statement for all the rappers in the Desi Hip Hop scene. Yungsta uses Bi-lingual lyricism to perfection while killing the banging beat produced by Syndrome.

This project has more punches than a Mike Tyson fight! This is the lyricism that pushes the Desi Hip-Hop underground scene to the next level. Yungsta is setting a high bar for all the artists in the underground scene. The beat is a banger by definition and the way Yungsta rides it to the fullest is amazing to listen to. A perfect hook with amazing flow switches in between makes Yungsta’s style versatile. The project is mix and mastered by Yungsta himself.

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The video is shot by Inflict and he perfectly captures the vibe of the project with a few angle changes and amazing shots. Inflict gets to add another masterpiece to his catalogue of dope videos.

Watch the video here:

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With this release, the year 2017 is proving to be good for the underground scene. This is one hell of a dope project.

Are you ready for Yungsta’s next project?