#KodeReview – X-Centrik – My World


X-centrik is one of the best battlers in the Indian Hip Hop scene. Hailing from Mumbai he has proved his worth in the battle circuit now the rapper embarks on a journey with music. My World is a soulful experience with conscious lyricism and strong punches.

#kodereview - X-centrik - My World

Step up in X-centrik’s world:

The flow variation done by the rapper is amazing on this track. The beat produced by Lupin The Beatsmith is old school and is really complemented by X-centrik who expresses himself fully. Lyrically this track is an insight on not just X-centrik’s world but every struggling artist’s life. X-centrik has known for his power-packed punches in the battle ring and with this track, he’ll be known for the same. His previous project was a tribute to DJ Premier and is another track that gives you the old school vibes and provides you with smooth bilingual lyricism.

Check the Preemo tribute here –

I had to ask X-centrik some questions regarding this project, check them out below.

MC Kode: Are we going to see X-centrik as a battler more or as a track artist in 2017?

X-centrik: Battling and music, I don’t really differentiate between the two. It’s all rap to me because the borderline motive stays the same that is the rhymes should be tight. So in 2017 whether it’s Battling or making music whatever comes my way I’ll be trying to give out my best lyrically and which of the two I choose to do more is purely circumstantial.

MC Kode: This displays dope and conscious lyricism. What was the writing process behind it?

X-centrik: Every rapper, writer, musician or any form of artist somewhat faces similar problems in the initial phases of development. Problems such as lack of support, lack of respect for what you do from the society, the burning doubt of either being yourself and creating your own style or taking the easy way and trying to be the thing that works for today’s market, etc. I myself am still a student and it gets very hard to juggle academics, extra studies and the passion when nobody believes in your hard work or respects what you are doing. It kinda puts you in a position of self-doubt and that’s all there is to this track.

MC Kode: Do we expect a follow up real soon? Maybe a music video is in the midst?

X-centrik:  I’ve got a few tracks ready planning on dropping them soon. It’s what I do best, punchline music. Haven’t planned for any music video for any of them yet but I am pretty sure there will be a few.

This project is definitely hard lyrically and is a must hear for those who are aspiring musicians and cats who love dope punches and lyricism. The only drawback I could conclude was the mixing and mastering was below average and pulls the vocals down.

Connect with X-centrik here – https://www.facebook.com/XCENTRIKindia