#Kodereview – Sukrit – Sucker For Pain Refix

Sukrit Chopra from Poetik Blizzards recent drop over ‘Sucker For Pain‘ instrumental proves how he is one of the best lyricist in the game at the moment. With an impeccable flow this track goes hard and the wordplay used in this track will make you add this track to your playlist for sure.

The mix and mastering done by Sukrit himself is complemented by a on microphone video shot by Ankur Noran. Also the flow switches in this are amazing and the editing process is done nicely.

Sucker For Pain Refix

I asked Sukrit, what made him vibe to this instrumental he said;

“The hook is the thing man, it has a deep meaning and the way it’s sung is just amazing. That’s the reason why I didn’t do anything with it.”

On his writing process he said

” If you’ve ever felt those negative emotions or any negativity or carry any hatred in your heart you’ll know what am talking about. Such experiences make you feel the music rather than just hearing.”

On his future projects he had this to say;

“Desi Bol is the future. It’s basically a raw hip hop series planned with DHH only. Most of the series will be produced by Noran. Even direction and shoots are also being handled by Poetik Blizzards majorly Noran. Planning to start it from January, might drop a single or a freeverse before that and a cypher type thing ‘Untitled’ for now will be out soon, just not sure when. So that’s all till the time be a Sucker For Pain.”

This track is a must hear for those who really like raw lyricism with intense wordplays.

Watch the video here;