#KodeReview – Smoke – Oh Lay Remix


Smoke is an 18 year old rapper residing in New Delhi. Smoke Aka Rahul Jaluthria has been rapping since 2013 and has been experimenting with Hindi. Smoke recently dropped a remix ‘Oh Lay‘ keeping Rap Demon’s vocal on the hook. No doubt that Young Bone , Rap Demon and RAGA killed the ‘Flexicution‘ refix.

Watch the refix here – 

Smoke did a remix again on the ‘Flexicution’ beat. The lyricism is hard with dope bars and perfect timed punches. Smoke had a similar flow compared to Logic but still made the flow his own and stomped the instrumental straight up killed up the beat.

“Dilli mera sheher zada boliyo na bhai
Hum karte nhi reham jaise hai koi kasai
Choti choti baton pe hojaati yaha ladai
Bina paise ki baate mujhe dete nhi sunayi”

Smoke reps his city in the right way and has power packed punches in this one. The only drawback I could conclude was mix and mastering but that again is a trend for up and coming rappers.

Smoke Oh Lay Remix

As part of the Underground, I had to ask Smoke questions regarding this track and his future projects. Check them out below.

Kode : What was the thought process while writing for this track?

Smoke : While writing I just thought that I got to kill this instrumental and bring out the best of me and the beast in me.

Kode : You had a groovy flow similar to logic, was it hard to adapt to this smooth beat?

Smoke : Yeah, it was a little hard because Logic was way too smooth on that shit and I must match it up. I’ve been studying his flow since his last mixtape “Bobby Tarantino” came out. Also I’ve been looking for a hard freestyle beat for weeks and than flexicution came to my mind, so I got to do justice with it.

Kode : This project definitely goes hard bro. Should we expect a video soon?

Smoke : Thanks for appreciating this project but sorry I haven’t planned a video for this for now, I would’ve did if I knew you was gonna interview me.lol.(amazing feeling)

Kode : What do you have in store for the future?

Smoke : It’s an important question sir because I’ve been working the whole 2016 making pretty dope tracks and improving my lyrical abilities in every project and also I’ve been learning to produce beats myself. I got few new school trap love songs but with good Lyricism, plus I got a Hindi remix to all the way up, panda, meek mill’s monster and many more but most importantly I got a remix to OOOUUU as it’ll be my next and first drop of 2017 and will be with a video. To tell you more about it, I’ll be k.dotting it with my controlled verse. It’s a hard track for sure.

Kode : Since when have you been rapping? What does Hip Hop mean to you?

Smoke : I’ve been connected to hip hop since smack that dropped, my brother used to show me videos of 50 Cent, Akon, Daddy Yankee, Sean Paul, etc. Though I didn’t understood a word back then but felt that groove. Then in 2011 I started listening to Eminem more, started imitating his style, but I actually began rapping in 2013 in English but it didn’t worked out.

I switched to Hindi and realized I can do it than started listening different rappers, studying their styles, started reading about hip hop to gain knowledge. HIP HOP IS LIFE TO ME agar mote shabdo me bola jaye to. Hip Hop is not just a genre of music which many people think. It’s a lifestyle, way of living, a culture which is slowly growing in Indian and other Asian countries but is many times getting exploited by some fakers. You, me and everyone here who’s keeping it a hunnid should help it grow and let Everyone know the power HIP HOP has to change things.

Check out the track here –

Also I urge everyone to check the lyrics out as well – http://genius.com/Smoketharapper-oh-lay-lyrics

This is Hip-Hop for you. Straight up a underground cat from Delhi slaying the beat. This is a good track and Smoke deserves props for a banging end to 2016.

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