#KodeReview- Shabd Feat San Cha And The R-Hit – Not To Be F*cked With


This project is सेवज redefined. With the various flow switches in this, I demand a music video for the project. With Jay-z’s sample as the hook, this is the underground for you. Dope lyricism each bar containing hard hitting punches the artists go all out with writing for this one. All the verses were dope and lit. Pure-Raw-Lyricism.


Shabd, San Cha, and The R-Hit proved they are the force not to be fucked with.  Aman D Aka Amandeep Singh Oberoi produced this heavy old school vibed instrumental. Props to the amazing work by him. Somewhere along the path people might be confused if Shabd subtly disses Ghatak aka Manan Gaur but it is nothing like that; after having a word with the artist, It was just pure wordplay.

Known Strangers Studios did justice to the various flows that the artists bring and the aggression fueled vocals. With this 2017 is already looking like the year of the underground.

“It is a track which is a combination of us telling people that don’t fuck around with us as the title says and skills is the main thing we wanted to show”  – Shabd.

Indeed skills are what these three showed.

Fuck with Not To Be fucked with here:


Definitely, this is a dope underground dope with strong lyricism and on par flows. A must here for underground stream listeners and people who love their tracks hard and coated with hitting lyricism.

Connect with Shabd – https://www.facebook.com/shubhamrapr

Connect with San Cha – https://www.facebook.com/sanchaofficial

Connect with The R-Hit – https://www.facebook.com/TheRHit