#KodeReview – San Cha – 2017 Flow


This is a brilliant start to 2017. With San Cha‘s release, he brings a different flow and just proves his consistency with his work. This is Delhi uncut and for sure this will be on of the dopest drops this season.

#KodeReview - 2017 Flow - San Cha

Respresent karun mera main ye birth place,
Ring master main, Zindagi ye circus!
Aaya main hun jeetne so Fuck Peace!
Bars na ye cheesy par baat karun la-zeez!
Ex jaane nakli mila usey naya Habi-B!
Underground mein thodi lugaiyan jo hain jalti!
Real saare bhai, bina paid views!
Culture ki growth mein jo lage jaise rescue!”

San Cha displays his lyricism with word plays full of wit and just dope. This is an underground drop with dope lyricism and a good flow. The most amazing part of this project is that there are flow switches in the track. Props to Known Strangers Studios for the great mixing and mastering.


This also is a tribute to those involved in the Desi Hip Hop scene. San Cha pays tribute in the most amazing manner by a smooth flow and lyricism at the point. San Cha was on the beat from the start which makes this project dope to bump.

“2017 ye flow mera,
Khuda ka banda, gaya upar mera dost gehra,
Lyricism rakha jaise ammo mera!
Sandy bhai, DHH, sath Mo ye raha!
Shout outs to IQ in Cali,
95, East Side, DG, Delhi!”

“Smoke karun evil saare thoughts main,
Kahlon mera idol, Delhi mein rakhun broads main!”

Bump and vibe here –

This is a must hear for everyone who loves lyricism and a smooth flow. The only drawback I could conclude is that the beat is plain, with low bass but that is overshadowed by the lyricism and the punches that San’s vocals provide. Delhi starts 2017 in the right manner. This is heat.

What did you like about this project the most? The underground culture just got the perfect start to 2017.