#KodeReview – RD Prince – Mera Desh

#KodeReview – RD Prince – Mera Desh

Recently, RD Prince‘s music has been making rounds around the underground. This is one artist whose resume is diverse from bangers to conscious tracks, he is definitely one artist to look out for. He uses auto tune perfectly when required and that’s what’s new to the Indian scene.

Kode Review #RD PRINCE

This track is one of his conscious tracks. With a banging trap styled beat and a flow so good this track makes you think about your country almost makes you feel patriotic. He criticises westernisation, the political system and praises the Indian army like a true patriotic member of the society.

Also the music video complements to track so well with cut off’s reference in heavy use this project is very conscious. The chorus is catchy with the use of auto-tune.
I had to ask him a couple of questions

What made you write this track?

Its just my opinion, I mean it is what’s going on in the country according to me. This song is all about the vote bank politics. The divide and rule policies that the Indian politicians use to win in elections. It’s about loss of humanity and growth of communal hatred its about how the leaders are the real demons in today’s world. I used to think about it, and then I thought why shouldn’t I discuss this with the audience. The people of our country made me write such a conscious track.

Do you think Hip-Hop has the power to change with what’s going around the country?

Yes hip hop has the power to change with what’s going around the country now people need to understand what I’m saying and if they understand it will help to change what’s going around in the country now. They need to understand that insaaniyat pehle dharam baad me

What do you have in store for the future ?

Me and brother King Saifi coming with chiraq’s refix and trust me you ain’t ready for that.

“Chahe jitna marji choda hole apne ye 100 bando prr
Ant me tujhe bhi jana hai bas 4 khandho prr”

Watch the video here