#KodeReview – Raga – SAMASYA


Samasya is one track which gives aggression a new definition. With an untouchable flow, Raga displays his aggressive side in a very dope manner. The way the flow itself emphasizes on the punches is pure Raga magic. “Acha hai” perfect is an understatement to describe this track. The vocal projection of the rapper is something very extraordinary.

#KodeReview - Raga - SAMASYA

Coming to the lyricism I don’t want to go overboard but this pack more punches than a Floyd Mayweather fight. Dopest lines and the flow just compliments the words perfectly. The way Raga adapts to the changes in the beat is amazing and something that is very hard for rappers to achieve. The audio itself proves that Raga is in a league of his own.

Game Over with the video. The thing about this project I love the most is the editing of the music video which is on point with the audio and complements the vocals so well. Props to Ashar for directing this amazing music video. In the visuals we see Raga walking and making the ‘Trouble On Mind’ instrumental his own and stomping it.

The whole project is dope. Check out what Lil Golu had to share

#KodeReview - Raga - SAMASYA

Check out the music video here:

This project is classic and displays aggression at its best with dope punches. Definitely on my playlist. Tell me which line from the track you liked the most, comment down on our facebook post.

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