#KodeReview – Project Pat X Ali Kulture ‘Y.B.G.M’


“From public housing to 100 thousand
I hold it down, what you know about me?”

Ali Kulture has been hustling hard for a long time and this track just captures his grind perfectly. With Project Pat as a collaborator, both Kulture and Project Pat had a flawless flow on a hard beat. The track has a catchy chorus to it and is complemented by the perfect use of ad-libs. Also Espee Traxxx’s beat was amazing, makes this project bang.


In my perspective this track is for those struggling out there and grinding all day all night. This track is the perfect motivator for those struggling out there to never give up. The way the track captures the audience from the start is commendable. The beat drops are crafted perfectly the match up with the vocals. Check out the exclusive interview of Ali Kulture post the release of this project.

Q) How did this track came into being ?

It came about from life experiences being painted on a beat. My producer Espee kept telling me that I needed to do something simple and powerful. Universal, but in my lane. He came up with the beat and I expressed how I was feeling. My music is my release therapy, it helps me to express my emotions and life stories through a creative outlet. The point of the song is to keep striving, keep progressing and if people get mad at it – so be it.

Q) Project Pat had a sick verse. How was it like working with a him ?

OG Project Pat is a legend. Working with him was secondary to soaking up game from him. One the realest in the game period, he kicked a lot of knowledge my way and i appreciate that. He was bugging when he heard my verse and hook and went all the way in on his verse. Wait till we drop the video in a couple weeks, it turned out super ridiculous.

Q) After #FridayKulture what do you have in store for the future ?

I got this video coming next, along with many more surprises. I’m always working, all i do is grind. I’m addicted to the hustle so keep your eyes open and your ears tuned.

Q) Are we in for a surprise with music videos and more collabs ?

Always. Just keep listening and spreading the word. I promise I’m going to keep delivering.

This is a must hear for everyone. This project is already in my playlist because I related this to the shit I’m going through. That is what the track is relatable for those going through situations and struggling still struggling.

Listen to the track here https://soundcloud.com/mrkulture/project-pat-x-ali-kulture-ybgm-you-be-gettin-mad .