#KodeReview – Naezy – Tehelka


This is Hip-Hop at it’s finest. Everyone in the Desi Hip-Hop scene knows the Bombay 70 local Naezy and he just took the culture to a different level with this project. This track is evergreen and the video is best defined by the term ‘Hip-Hop’.

Tehelka review

Mera kaam hai logo Ko sacchai pe nachaane Ka
Aafat Toh machaya ab Tehelka leke Aaneka”

Naezy’s flow in this is incredible and the lyricism is very dope. The music director of this project is Sez , the mastermind behind ‘Mere Gully Mein’ and he did it again. The beat is amazing and complements Naezy’s untouchable flow very well, both of these two things go together like yin and yang in this project.

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The music video has a lot of elements going on and is done with perfection. The club scenes shot at Khar social is a treat with background dancers on par. Graffiti artists make the scenes more materialistic with amazing artwork. The music video covers Hip-Hop from the roots of it to the whole plant.

Watch the visuals here:

This whole project is a hard packed jab at the mainstream rappers who think Desi Hip-Hop is theirs. The lyricism displayed are deep, aggressive, conscious to some extent.

This is a must hear for everyone as this is what Hip-Hop is, the lyricism, the instrumental and the music video.

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This is the perfect end to 2016 and we can definitely expect Naezy to slay 2017.