#KodeReview – Khasi Bloodz – Hip Hop


Hip Hop is a movement its a culture and this track captured the essence of Hip Hop. This drop goes hard with grade A lyricism and an old school vibe. A smooth beat to complement the lyricism displayed by Khasi Bloodz and a groovy flow to add to the vibe. This track is bringing Hip Hop back and watering the roots of the culture. A perfect tribute to Khasi’s inspirations and a dedication to all those who inspired the movement of Hip Hop.



Check out the exclusive in brief interview we had with Khasi Bloodz in context to the recent drop.

Q1) As a tribute to the hip hop culture .What was your inspiration behind this track?

Answer : Our inspiration came from the fact that this art form is being ignored and taken for granted at this place that we call home. I mean what do you do when your lyrical ability is being neglected? Come up with a dope beat,and just let them words flow through this lyric video we just made for y’all. This is what inspires us,letting our music speak volumes and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Q2) What was the message behind the smooth lyricism?

Answer : The message behind all this is that Unity and Love hiphop infused upon our hearts and minds and that hope to keep you goin’ no matter how hard your life gets and yo lets bring hiphop back.

Q3) At the end of the lyrical video your inspirations came to life. Out of everyone who inspired you the most

Answer : To be honest. Out of everyone the white boy inspired me the most, I love everything he does, been a fan since Lord knows when, I mean I can relate to what he’s saying, he’s a lyrical genius and for that he’s the greatest of all time.

Q4) Are we expecting a follow up music video with an old school vibe

Answer : Everybody keeps asking me that so I say yes we are going to follow up with a video after this.

Khassi 2
The lyrical video was done almost perfect with great animations and usage of fonts and amazing textures but the most beautiful part about the lyrical video was the end where all the legends came to life as a shout out to Khasi’s inspirations. The track overall is great and a must hear for all those who love old school boom bap and those who likes their flow groovy.

Peep the lyrical video here –

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