#KodeReview – IshQ Bector – My L*nd (Parental Advisory)

IshQ Bector‘s back. After Dakku Daddy 2 the next project that the rapper brings is a remix for the very famous Mickey Avalon track ‘My Dick‘. The lyricism followed in the original track is also followed by IshQ Bector in this. The original instrumental is lit and has a certain groove to it and for the lyricism both the tracks are witty as fuck and makes you laugh hard.


Listen to the original track here –

Coming to IshQ Bector’s lyricism, people should know vulgarity is acceptable as long as it is relevant to the context. This is one of the numerous commercial projects done by IshQ so wit is always there but in this project, the level of humor is on an another level. Each line was a funny punch complemented by many vocal projections used by the rapper. The mixing and mastering on this are really dope.

The visuals in this video are lit. The animation really goes very well with the audio. With a jungle type visual, this is definitely a dope project.

Watch the visuals here –

” The “Dirty ishQ” songs are made just to amuse and remind you that we only live once, so let’s do it all. Still, I suggest that the over sensitive moral police chill and let the rest of us enjoy our freedom to speak about whatever we want to sing about! ” – IshQ Bector

“There’s something dope about filthy lyrics that can never be found on radio or television!”
– IshQ Bector

There is definitely something dope about filthy lyrics. For me, this is a dope project to bump and is definitely on my playlist.

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