#KodeReview – Big Deal – One Kid

Big Deal has been a role model and an inspiration in the Desi Hip Hop scene. He kept it a #100 with this project. The audio is a blessing to the scene and the video is one of the best visuals I have seen. Trust me on this, if there ever was a Hip-Hop school Big Deal would be the perfect artist to take ‘Mastering A Flow: 101’. This whole project is a delight and the heaviest drop in 2017. I’m going out on a limb here and putting this project in my top ten Desi Hip Hop tracks for 2017.


‘One Kid With A Dream’, the vocals in this are amazing with one of the dopest flows ever, Period. This is raw storytelling. The lyricism in this is dope and makes us¬†empathize so vividly while painting a crisp picture. This is indeed poetry in motion where Big Deal gives what I could assume is a glimpse of his world. The struggles, the dedication plus more, all of this in one track. The production all so lovely is done by Big Deal himself. This is a must hear for everyone doesn’t matter if they are a non-listener or not.

The visuals in this one are amazing. Props to everyone involved from the director to the editors to the colorist every one justified the track. To add to the amazing visuals the video takes place in three cities each city depicting a story from Big Deal’s life. Puri where he was born, Darjeeling where he studied and Bangalore where he started his rap career. A whole lot of thought and resources went into this project and I thank everyone involved for doing so. This is Hip Hop definitely but it doesn’t stop there, This Is Art.

Stay tuned for the Ep coming soon till then bang this project and also Big Deal On Facebook.