#KodeReview – A.B.Y – Dekh Tamasha


Glitch Hop at it’s finest, Dekh Tamasha is a mix of Hardcore lyricism and a banging dubstep themed beat. A.B.Y repping The Slumgods collective proved with this track the Glitch Hop has made it in the Indian scene.

The track itself is dope with lyricism harder than metal and an instrumental so perfect. Music produced by Abhinav Sunil (Space Crocodile) is banging and he deserves the props for creating a glitch beat which we hardly see in the Indian Hip Hop scene.


Coming to the favorite part of my project, the video . The video showed why The Slumgod collective is one of the dopest crew in the whole of Hip Hop. The Bmx skills showcased are on point along with one of the best editing I have seen this year. The Hip Hop showcase of talent in this video are immense with dances and freestyle running. One of the hardest videos this year have to give props to everyone involved in this. Check out the list of all the amazing people who contributed to this.


Check out Desi Hip Hop’s exclusive in depth discussion about this project with A.B.Y

KODE- Hard Lyricism and Dubstep Style Beat. What made you go with this combination?

A.B.Y- Lyrics are hard because it’s real. I wrote this track while doing a number of street cyphers with my Slumgods family. Attention is what people think when we perform but our ultimate goal is to spread knowledge and culture. In the studio it was another game bringing in a different sound was a challenge as the theme was dark but seeing the response I feel Glitch Hop has made it.

KODE- How did the video came about cause we see we a massive showcase of talent?

A.B.Y-  We used to and still conduct street cyphers displaying all the elements of HIPHOP and now the movement has become so strong that cities like Vizag, Pune, Mumbai are growing drastically. I wanted to bring the power of cyphers and showcase all the talents together with a concept. Luckily managed to do as all the artist featured are my friends.

KODE- What was the inspiration for this track?

A.B.Y- Slumgods as a collective has been a major inspiration for me to write this track.

KODE- What does Slumgods Particularly you have in store for the future?

A.B.Y- Slumgods have bigger plans for HIPHOP scene overall that will benefit all the art forms.
Me as an artist have lot in the self. Few tracks are lined up for shoot as well. A Malayalam banger is on his way next as I gotta keep my roots strong. Game has just begun. 2017 will be full of surprises.

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