#KodeReview – Aakarshit – Zone


Zone is one project that goes hard. Aakarshit’s music has been making rounds in the underground culture. He displays consistency and hard lyricism with every track of his. Recently Aakarshit dropped a video for his track ‘zone’ and let me tell you one thing after you peep this track this will definitely be on your playlist regardless you being a vibing to rap or not. Straight out of Delhi he is one rapper who is destined to slay 2017.


“Zone is not just a word or a slang for me its more like a way of living and creating music” – Aakarshit

Coming to the track, the production carries hard bass and lovely drum samples and Aakarshit perfectly rides the beat smoothly. The flow is complemented well by the use of vocal pitch changes and a very catchy chorus. The track ‘zone’ is enough to get you into the zone. Lyricism goes deep as Aakarshit displays the hard truth with well constructed verses. Track wise this is one of the dopest drops in 2016.

The favorite part of this project has to be the video. From the clips and the editing this is done I kid you not perfectly. I have to give props to the director of this video that is Naman Jain and Aman Pal.

The editing is very smooth and you see various animations in the middle that is very amazingly done. This is my personal favorite video dropped in 2016. We can see Aakarshit levitating in his zone as the video follows a black and white theme. I had to ask Aakarshit about the message behind this track and the inspiration for the same.

The message behind this track that Aakarshit wants to convey is –

“Make Music that everyone can vibe with regardless of the language.”

And the inspiration

“Inspiration for this track came when I was sitting on my setup and I was done with recording my whole mix tape. My friend told me “bro that’s you’re fucking zone no one can beat you in this vibe”. I said ok and from then this word got stuck in my mind and that day I wrote and recorded zone . I uploaded it on instagram later that night and there was a notification that “Ikka singh commented on your video” and that gave me the motivation to follow this side of mine “MY ZONE”



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