#KodeReview – Aakarshit – ‘Gang Related’ (Remix)

Aakarshit is member of the underground rap scene in New Delhi. In 2014 he stepped into the game and released back to back tracks, by the end of 2015 he dropped his debut mixtape ‘GEETKAAR‘ which helped him to gain some recognition from his peers in the underground. By the start of 2016 he dropped ‘Mr.F*ckless‘ which helped him gain more new listeners.

From then till now he has dropped many other tracks like ‘Aakarshan’, ‘Logic 44 Bars Remix’, ‘Back Off‘, ‘Jhaiyaan‘  and  ‘Free Verse’.

Gang Related Remix

Aakarshit dropped a remix to Logic’s ‘Gang Related‘ recently. His music has been making rounds around the underground because of his lyricism and the flow that he brings in on every track. This is a Braggadocio type of free verse with dope raw punches that hit hard and an on point flow to match. Aakarshit did justice to this beat hands down. Also this is a one take track that means he recorded this without cutting the audio which is commendable.

“Inki tasveer meri snapstory thi” – Aakarshit paints a picture with his bars that he is here to stay for a long time.

I asked Aakarshit how did the track came about and and he said;
“I jumped to the track and the starting was so Lit!, the samples used were on point. So without any further delay I downloaded the instrumental and started writing. The next day I recorded and treated it. My plan was to drop it as quick as I can and by midnight the same day, I released it, but due to a copyright issue, it couldn’t make it to YouTube, but is available on Facebook and mp3 downloading platforms.”

The track overall is good and is a must hear for those who love raw and hard bars. Download the track here.

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