#KodeReview – Aakarshit – Dhuaan’ Dhuaan’


Consistency is one word that describes this rapper the best. Aakarshit brings ‘Dhuaan’ Dhuaan‘ and trust me this is one project that is soulful to the core. The beat produced by Mors and is done to perfection and the mixing and mastering done by Aakarshit himself is amazing.

#KodeReview - Aakarshit - Dhuaan' Dhuaan'

The Chorus again in true Aakarshit manner is catchy with on point vocal editing and use of echo. The lyricism goes hard and is complemented well by one of the most versatile flows I’ve heard. Straight from the start the track sets a vibe and we wander into Aakarshit’s world. The lyricism is conscious and straight up dope.

The video shot by Aman Pal justifies the track oh so well. With a bonfire setting and amazing editing with well timed angles this project is one of the hard drops of underground this season. With 2017 kicking in Aakarshit is definitely one of our favorites to slay this year and with this project he proves us right.

Bang this ASAP – 

I had to set into Aakashit’s world check out what he had to say.

Kode- What was the writing process for this instrumental ?

Aakarshit- This instrumental was send to me by the producer onn 31st December night. The vocal sampling on the track got me in a Vibe. As 2016 was a great year professionally but it was the hardest year I’ve been through. So as it was the new year I thought about writing up the ups and downs faced during the year.

Kode- What was the inspiration behind this track ?

Aakarshit- Inspiration behind this track can be found on the hook.
” Dhuua dhuaa aas pass (problem all around)
Mukh se Karu pass (we create em ourselves)
Haath maar Karu saaf (we have courage and capability of solve them)”

Kode- Who do you want to dedicate this to ?

Aakarshit- I want to dedicate this track the relatives who didn’t supported me. When I started rapping my my relatives made fun of the work I was doing.so I thought now I’ve archived some reputation so it’s time to tell them “kaamyab mai to aage sare sath Dene.”

This project is definitely one of my personal favorites. Aakarshit has been consistent with his work and this is definitely one of Aakrshit’s evergreen projects. This is a must hear for those who love to see soul in the music that the artists make.

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