Know How SlumGods Brought Hip Hop Under One Roof!

One of Mumbai’s oldest hip-hop crews SlumGods put on a great show for all hip hop lovers. All the elements of this vibrant culture were brought together at a single venue. SlumGods organised an After-School Jam event celebrating the first anniversary of their Hip-Hop school at Dharavi.

Around 5:00 PM the crowd started bustling into the venue, which was decorated full-fledged for the event. A smooth and even stage for b-boys and b-girls. Great sound system for rappers and beatboxers. Old-school hip-hop music blasted through the speakers by the DJ. All put together created an aura like none other!

SlumGods After-School Jam

The After-School Jam was hosted by emcees Heam, Poetik Justis and HHB. B-boy Last Minute was invited to be the judge for the 7 to Smoke dance battle event. More than 50 participants battled for the title. Which was later bagged by B-boy Panther from Beastmode Crew.

SlumGods After-School Jam Bboy Last Minute

D’Evil, Dee MC, Dopeadelicz, Elsewhere and Enemies were specially invited to perform at the event. All the emcees showcased immense talent and wooed the crowd with their rhyme skills. A special performance by SlumGods’ member Mandeep Seti was one to remember.

SlumGods After-School Jam Mandeep Seti

N.M.E. Graffiti and Mooz sprayed their hearts out on the compound wall of the school. Creating a masterpiece the least to say! Students from the Dharavi School of Hip Hop had their very own segment for the showcase. Kids from four to fourteen years of age came down on the floor to show their moves. What a sight to see!

SlumGods After-School Jam graffiti

The Dharavi School of Hip Hop is an initiative running under The Dharavi Project. Started by Qyuki along with Universal Music, this is a one of kind place where anyone can come learn the elements of hip hop for free. Currently, the school has around 40 to 70 students coming in to learn break-dance, rapping and beat-boxing.

SlumGods After-School Jam

SlumGods is only getting started. The crew has promised to come up with their next Bhaari Scene event when the campaign comes to an end. Desi Hip Hop has been updating its readers about the campaign without fail. For those who don’t know, the Bhaari Scene event is a crowd funded activity where the collected amount will be used to buy shoes for the kids learning break dance at the Dharavi School of Hip Hop.

SlumGods After-School Jam

This one of a kind initiative will have a one of kind event where the students will be felicitated with shoes in the presence of their parents. SlumGods also mentioned their plan to start Dharavi Block Jams real soon where events like the After-School Jam will take place from time to time.

This is how real the impact of Hip Hop is. It’s taking over streets to cinema screens. The culture is here to stay. One love for everyone repping it!

Image Courtesy: Emma Terrell