Know What M.ZHE And Yasz Goyl’s ‘Hum Bure’ Is All About


Yash Goyal aka Yasz Goyl dropped ‘Hum Bure‘ with Gawky Records veteran Muzammil Wahid aka M.ZHE. This is a cross-border collaboration between Gwalior, India and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Both of these young hip-hop soldiers have been spitting from a long time now.

‘Hum Bure’ is less of a track and more of a statement. Rappers are meant to rebellious, right? ‘Hum Bure’ is their answer for everyone who thinks they’re bad or doesn’t lie under the traditional image of a good boy. This is the second collaboration between Yasz and M.ZHE but is the first one to come out. ‘Hardwork (Freeverse)‘ was planned to come out first but due to some technical difficulties, they dropped the idea of releasing it.

I approached M.ZHE to know more about the track and he told me:

“Hum Bure” is all about ourself like how we made ourself, our lifestyle, our behavior. Its about fake world, fake people, fake smiles and fake friends. Nobody is going to help you or support you while you are hustling. Its about how people who don’t even know you and your work teaches you about your work in Facebook comments. So, the motive of the song is “Hum Bure the, Hum Bure hain, we don’t trust on anyone but like to focus on our own work”.

Watch ‘Hum Bure’ by Yasz Goyl and M.ZHE here: