Know All About The #BhaariSceneCampaign For Dharavi Kids By Poetik Justis


Bombay rapper Poetik Justis recently announced a campaign for his upcoming music video ‘Bhaari Scene‘. The artist has initiated an out-of-the-box event for the same, garnering respect and love from all for this move. Poetik took to his Facebook handle and announced his #BhaariSceneCampaign under which he has set up a crowd fund for a noble cause.

bhaari scene poetik justis

The Bhaari Scene campaign aims at generating crowd funded revenue for the sole purpose of supporting the kids at Dharavi. Desi Hip Hop had informed you earlier about ‘The Dharavi Project’ under which elements of hip-hop are being taught to kids in a school at Dharavi by SlumGods.

the dharavi project slumgods

Now a lot of these kids come from a poor background and have to practice without proper gear. Poetik‘s campaign aims to collect money in order to provide these kids with footwear. Thus enabling them to learn the skills of breaking to the fullest extent. The rapper has urged people to make donations via PayTM.

the dharavi project slumgods

What started off as a simple status on Facebook has now become no less than a movement. Not a day after his announcement, Poetik Justis received full support for the cause from well known NGO ‘Wishberry’. They are now on board with the rapper to push this cause on a larger scale.

poetik justis bhaari scene campaign wishberry

The 24-year-old rapper stated,

The idea of the campaign is to show the non-believers and the world that India has a self-sustaining Hip-Hop community within itself, and it is because of the support of the people itself that we can pull something as huge as this off.”

Poetik further added, “Simply put, I want to give back to the culture through the efforts of the people and through my music. All in all, we aim to make this culture a #BhaariScene

Poetik Justis has been in the scene for more than a decade now and is rightfully one of the most respected artists. Bhaari Scene is a track from his album Greatness that released almost a year ago. He represents SlumGods and Elsewhere, and has also co-founded India’s leading rap battle league Battle Bars Bombay.

Desi Hip Hop is fully supporting Poetik Justis and his Bhaari Scene Campaign! We wish to see this flourish and gain all the traction it deserves.

Visit the event page right here for more details: poetik justis bhaari scene campaign

Let’s make this a Bhaari Scene! Share and support this cause for kids aspiring to learn more about the hip hop culture. Stay with us for more updates.