Do You Know Badshah’s Favourite Track…?

The 30-year-old Indian Rapper Badshah went through a recent controversy that was completely moulded around his real statement. Badshah has said in his previous statement that he is not a big fan of the Grammy Award winner Eminem. “I have never been a big fan of him. I know the entire world is crazy about him and his music, but for me, I never thought it was anything special,” as Hindustan Times quoted him.


We at DesiHipHop took to ourselves and cleared the air between him and the audience when we gave out the real story of how Badshah rates Eminem as The God of Rap but doesn’t relate to his music. He’s aware of the worldwide fan following the Detroit rapper has but he’s not shy to open up about his views.

Badshah writes his songs based on his life, past experiences and heartbreaks and he related more to songs which do the same, thus it’s easier for him to relate to rappers like Drake and Kendrick Lamar than Eminem and that is when he revealed that he has been a big fan of Backstreet Boys. Hindustan Times quoted Badshah saying, “Ever since I was a kid, I used to listen to Backstreet Boys and their song Get Down (You’re the One For Me) was my favourite song. That’s the song that made me decide very early that I wanted to be a musician.” The song has a rap portion and Smooth T from Fun Factory does the first verse from it while McLean from Backstreet Boys raps the second.


But would Badshah really choose synchronised dancing, over-budgeted music videos, and matching outfits over the Slim Shady?

We’re not 100% sure.