Know Why ‘7 K.O.D – Kinds Of Destruction’ Is One Of The Hottest Mixtapes From The North?


Desi Outlaws and D-Hustlerz released their mixtape called ‘7 K.O.D- Kinds Of Destruction‘ featuring Joe Sekhon. It’s now finally out and is exclusively available on all social media platforms. The one thing I liked about this mixtape is that each and every beat is exclusively produced by Infinity and are not jacked from the internet. This is a perfect example of real hip-hop as each and every artist has done their job pretty well. Here’s the complete review of the entire mixtape, ‘7 K.O.D- Kinds Of Destruction’.

The Introduction

This is the promotional track of this mixtape which came out on Feb 4, 2017, and is the curtain raiser of this mixtape. This track has a special feature of Gaurav Sharma who has done a pretty job on the hook. In ‘The Introduction’ Desi Outlaws and D-Hustlerz have introduced themselves by spitting their verse one by one. The video of this track is shot and edited by D-Hustlerz.

Rakhi Sawant

The second track of this mixtape is ‘Rakhi Sawant’ which features Jeewan Malhi, Manu Ramagarhia, and Joe Sekhon. ‘Rakhi Sawant’ is a cool track and each artist has played with their words so nicely that the audience is going to fall in love with this track. ‘Main banu tera gangster, Tu hai badi kaint girl‘ is dedicated to the girls with a special message in it.

Dream Girl

The third track of this mixtape will surely get your attention as it was pointed towards their ‘Dream Girl as everyone has a dream girl in their life. This track features Joe Sekhon, Jack Ameen, and Rvii Karan. Joe Sekhon did the hook for ‘Dream Girl’ and Jack Ameen and Rvii Karan has spat their verses in addition to show their love and their feelings for their respective dream girl.


Everyone knows how crazy people actually are about ‘SnapChat‘. This is the fourth track of ‘7 K.O.D- Kinds Of Destruction’. The instrumental of this track is dope and ‘SnapChat’ features the whole D-Hustlerz and Desi Outlaws. ‘Snapchat’ is a track in which each artist tells about that how much they are addicted to SnapChat.

Dark Thoughts

According to me, Dark Thoughts is the best track of ‘7 K.O.D-Kinds Of Destruction’ and is the fifth track of this mixtape. ‘Dark Thoughts’ has Joe Sekhon on the hook “When I get high I get low sittin’ in a room with people, But I feel alone rollin’ on that kush sippin Henny on the low/ And when I’m in my zone, don’t call me on my phone’ which is a plus point for this track featuring Jeewan Malhi and Jack Ameen. ‘Dark Thoughts’ revolves around various problems they are facing in their day to day life. It has some unlighted story that you would love to hear.


‘Chopper’ is all about bars and hard-core punches that feature Manu Ramagarhia and Gurekamjot. This is the sixth track of ‘7 K.O.D-Kinds Of Destruction’. Both of the rappers took a dig at fake rappers in the desi hip-hop scene and they made their point clear that they are better than others.

7 K.O.D Cypher

This is the seventh track of this mixtape and was the second single after ‘The Introduction’. It got a great response from the desi hip-hop audience. The track was released on Mar 7, 2017. D-Hustlerz shot the video and Jashan Arora was the D.O.P for 7 K.O.D Cypher while Jeewan Malhi edited the whole video. The track features Desi Outlaws and D-Hustlerz alongside Joe Sekhon.

MDNC Refix Hip-Hop

This track is a remix of famous Punjabi track by the Legendary Harjit Harman ‘Mitran Da Naa Chalda’. Gaurav Sharma has beautifully handled the singing part while Rvii Karan and Sahil Punni have spat their verses impressively. This is the stand-out track which is different from the rest of the tracks.

Bars Baran Maran

‘Bars Baran Maran’ features Gurekamjot, Jack Ameen, Rvii Karan, and Jeewan Malhi and is all about bars. Each rapper has spat 12 bars in their respective verse. Infinity created a dope instrumental so that each rapper could ride the beat smoothly.


Last track of this mixtape is titled as ‘Outro’ in which they all talk about why you should listen to ‘7 K.O.D- Seven Kinds Of Destruction’. All the artists who are the part of this mixtape have put out their hearts on this one. The whole mixtape has different kinds of tracks which will attract most of the listeners.

It’s good to see that these boys are doing their bit for the growth of desi hip-hop culture. Mad props to each and every artist who is involved in this mixtape and we wish them a very good luck for their future projects.