King Kendrick Lamar Says Sit Down Be ‘HUMBLE’!


Rapper Kendrick Lamar has taken the internet by storm with his latest drop ‘HUMBLE’. Technically, it has only been a day since the video dropped. ‘HUMBLE’ has already crossed 5 million views. But that’s not the point. The point is despite his fame; Kendrick has a message to school rappers.

There is no argument to Kendrick’s greatness. It is a level he has set for himself which makes him the best of his generation unquestionably. Like his, every drop ‘HUMBLE’ is also garnering mixed reviews. But Kendrick’s music has a habit of growing on you. It takes a time to fully understand the emotions behind it.

kendrick lamar humble

Granted ‘HUMBLE’ might not be his greatest drops till date, but that doesn’t take away the track’s credibility. A collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and Mike Will Made It can definitely not be overlooked as mediocre. And with a video like that? Woof! you got us begging for more already!

David Meyers and The Little Homies have turned ‘HUMBLE’ into a masterpiece through their visuals. From using 360-degree video stitching to spewing a precise depiction of the story, the video has every element on point. Won’t be wrong to call this the best Kendrick Lamar video till date maybe? Standards are definitely too high. Well, what else do you expect from Top Dawg Entertainment!

‘HUMBLE’ is off of Kendrick’s fourth album currently being called as ‘KL4‘ as no official name has been revealed. In a lot of his previous interviews, Kendrick Lamar mentioned that the new sound of his album will have him talking about God, something he hasn’t paid heed to before. It will also have more commercial sound to it compared to the Jazzy elements in his previous album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly‘.

While we patiently wait for Kendrick Lamar’s album to drop, let’s cherish this video which is on par with excellence: