Kidshot And KRSNA Chop It Up In, ‘Meri Baari’

It is about time that the art of ‘Chopping’ gets recognised in this country. Kidshot and KRSNA come together to pave the way for the art. I came across Kisdhot a few months ago when I encountered Owl Brethrens music and I knew it that very moment that he will be going a long way. KRSNA needs no introduction, he owned the second verse like a boss.

The title of the track is self-explanatory. You can sense Kidshot’s determination to prove himself throughout the verse. It is amazing to see how someone so young, is so on point technically. His delivery is clear, flow switches are effortless and packs consistent punches. KRSNA, on the other hand, is always known to be a versatile artist and appeals to all kinds of hip-hop listeners. In ‘Vyanjan’ he proved that his vocabulary is exemplary and with ‘Meri Baari’ he proves that he still packs a mean flow.

This is what Kidshot told exclusively,

“My experience was excellent. I had written these lyrics around a year ago. Being a fan of Chopping, I always wanted this craft to spread. I think people should start paying attention to what we are trying to say and not just the way we say it. The verse from KRSNA took the track to another level. The dope beat is produced by Rekoil. We had a great time shooting the video too. We struggled for a bit initially espically to find the desired location. Once that was done we were able to wrap up the shoot within 2 hours. I think people will love this track, ‘Kyunki abh hai meri baari’.”

Check out the track right here: